Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Holiday Spirit?

I don't know about you all, but I feeling pretty festive right
about now... :) I love Christmas. I think I love Christmas
even more so now that I have children. I love seeing how
excited they are on Christmas morning... I am all done
with my Christmas shopping, and let me tell ya - that is a
GREAT feeling. Just the last minute stocking stuffers left

We start our Christmas party rounds this weekend. Well,
last weekend really. My friend Lisa had a great couples
only Christmas party. Had so much fun! Poor Dave was
all doped up though (he threw out his back that morning).
We have two more Christmas parties to go - one squadron
and one Wing party. Both adults only. I love my kids, but
there is also something nice about getting all this adults
only time!

I have been creating some Christmas projects that I will be
posting soon. I need to STOP baking though! All that
weight loss will be for nothing! :) No really, I have put on
about 5lbs since my Christmas baking started... Why is it
so easy to put it on, and so hard to take it back off?? That
is soooo not fair... LOL

Oh! And expect a review on that new Basic Grey Magnetic
Mat set soon! I found it at

I ordered it and it should be here next week - Merry
Christmas to me! LOL


Anthony Lemons said...

I feel as you do about Christmas. It is more fun to watch excitement on the children's faces.