Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Daily Scrapbooking Show

I was surfing a while ago and came across this great scrapbooking
webcast called Scrapbook Lifestyle:

It comes on every weekday and is pretty good! It features the
Scrapbook Lifestyle Design Team making albums for others, and
doing challenges from the producers.

There are some great layout ideas to be found here, as well as
photo and organization (you know how I am about organization!)
tips. I really like this webcast and have been watching it every

It is free, however there is also a premium option for even more
content. I haven't subscribed to that yet, but I am thinking
about it. Lots of great ideas and inspiration to be found here. Be
sure to try and catch an episode!


iralamija said...

Love your work!


zandperl said...

Scrapbooking seems like such great fun, but now that i use a digital camera only, it also seems like such a waste when I can just display my photos online in a pretty format, like via Snapfish or Flickr.