Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Peachy Cheap and the rise of the Quick Deal Sites

I love this new concept in shopping. It reads like a blog, but instead of a daily blog post these sites have one product for sale. Really cheap. Every day. I have been checking in every day at Peachy Cheap to see what the deal of the day is. I just place my 2nd order today because I couldn't resist these:


Aren't they adorable?? I love this idea. I got these for .99 plus $4.99 in shipping. I know the shipping sounds intense. But the book itself retails at $10. So I still got myself a good deal. And that's what these sites are all about. :) Here are a few more. I haven't ordered from them (yet) but I have them on my "Check Daily" list.

Flowers to Flourishes

Crop Chocolate

Happy Shopping! :)


Amie said...

Mm...I like those! thanks for sharing. =)

Anonymous said...

Also...a new one is one the scene...

Lisa Christine said...

Here's another one that I check out every day:

Happy shopping!

Kate and Oli said...

i love peachy cheap! i wrote a blog post about my favorite deal a day sites here ( if you're interested!!

xo, katie