Saturday, January 19, 2008

Got My Free Cricut Cartridge

It shipped and I got it today! Woo hoo! This was the free cartridge rebate that was going on late last year where you buy two cartridges and get the 3rd free. I think I sent my form in around December 15th, and I just got it today - not bad!

I was kinda worried since out of all the offered cartridges, there was only one I didn't have - Printing 101. But I figured I could always sell or trade it for another if I got one I already had. I had heard about people getting their 2nd, 2rd, and LAST choice (RUH ROH), so I was happily surprised that I got my first choice:

I soooo want to play with it, but I have 4 papers due before next Friday. ((sigh)) So... playing will have to wait I guess... :)