Friday, November 30, 2007

Xyron Halts Wishblade Orders...

Some news on the Wishblade from the Xyon Website:

November 28, 2007

Dear Loyal Xyron Customers:

We have discovered a minor problem with our current inventory of Xyron® Wishblades®. After thorough in-house testing, we have found an issue with the software installation that powers the cutting process for the Wishblade. Rather than ship product we are not 100 percent confident meets our quality standards, Xyron has made the difficult decision to hold all existing inventory until we are confident the issue is fully resolved. Until further notice, we will not be fulfilling any orders for the Xyron Wishblade.

We know many of our customers are looking forward to purchasing the Xyron Wishblade for the holiday season. We are still hoping to resolve the issue swiftly and will keep everyone informed of our progress via email and through postings on our website.

Xyron is committed to stand behind its products. The Wishblade and the Create and Cut Software have been given rave reviews by many industry leaders and consumers alike. It is our desire to continue to lead the market in Computer Connected Cutting Technology. It is with our commitment to only sell the best products we can that we have made this rather untimely decision.

If you are currently experiencing problems with your Wishblade, please call our customer service team at 1-800-793-3523. For ongoing information, please keep your eyes peeled for future emails or visit
for the most recent Wishblade updates.


The Xyron Team


Hopefully they will get the kinks ironed out - I know this is so disappointing for those who had it on their Christmas Wish List... :(