Friday, November 30, 2007

Cricut Cartridge Storage

I came across a cool new way to store your Cricut
Cartridges the other day and I thought I would share...

For those of us that have LOTS of cartridges, this
could be useful... Rather than keep your cartridges
in all those bulky boxes, you could keep them in a

Isn't it the cutest thing? It comes in two sizes - one
holds 12 cartridges, and the other holds 24. I think
this is definitely a cool, innovative storage idea...

You can order them directly here:

I am definitely going to have to get one of these before
our next military move...


nfulkmd said...

I have been looking for some way to store my cartridges instead of carrying around the boxes. I think that the Leap Pad Storage binder might work and it is on sale right now for $12.95. I used to have one but gave it away.

Elena said...

What a great idea nfulkmd! I bet those Leap Pad Storage binders would work great! I wonder how many cartridges it would hold? Thanks for sharing! :)