Sunday, February 11, 2007

Heidi Swapp - Week 5

Here is a list of people I love and why (in no particular order):

David - Because he is the love of my life.
Jimmy & Derek - Because they are and always will be my
Mom & Dad - Because they showed me what love is...
Ron & Steve - Because she is mu only sister and he loves
her like she deserves to be loved.
Sonya - Because she is the best niece and she looks so
much like her mother.
Mom & John - Because she raised the love of my life and he
is so giving.
Laurie & Family -Cause La La and her clan and THE BOMB.
Gram - This woman has a fire and zest for life... At 95 she
lives like no one I have ever met.
Dad, Dianne & Family - Because they are so loving, caring,
and creative!
Christi & Family - She is MY GIRL! She is one of my
dearest friends and knows me like the back of her hand...
You know those friends who will help you hide the bodies?
This is Christi! :)
Lisa & Family - Lisa is the BEST. She is another of my
bestest friends. Brent and Dave are great
friends too.
The Camps - My friends since WAAAY back. I love them
to bits just cause they are awesome!

I am definitely very blessed to have these people in my life...

Now I just need to get photos of everyone... :D