Sunday, February 11, 2007

Heidi Swapp - Week 3

I am finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel here... I am
in my last two weeks of my college class so hopefully I will get
all caught up with the Heidi Swapp Class.

Here is my assignment for week 3:

Dear Me (LOL),

Last Christmas was great! We had our first Christmas of no
traveling and it was super, stress free, and laid back. This
year, we are definitely going to be traveling though. So...
Let's carry that stress-free attitude over to this year as well.

With advance planning (and advance shopping), I can have
the safe stress free holiday season, AND travel to see our

Things I have to do in advance:

* Shop for gifts! I need to start in June. No. Seriously.

* Get our travel plans hammered out EARLY. Say Sept or
Oct. those tickets need to be bought.

* Start baking early. Bake in Nov. and freeze.

* Get my cards made and out early. I need to start them
in October and mail them out by 1 December.

* No college classes starting November. You can't cram
another thing into your schedule this time of year.

You can do this Elena. You just need to start early... :)

I need to print this and stick it in the October section of
my calendar and another copy needs to go in my planner...