Saturday, October 27, 2007

Ribbon Storage Bag

I have been wanting one of those super cute Pull-EZ ribbon storage bags by Your Pictured Memories.... Well I was browsing in Target and got an idea.

I found this adorable pink polka dotted lunch box and thought it would make a cute ribbon purse. So I put it in my basket, and about $7 later I was on my way home.

I ended up cutting out the lining inside (the plastic liner that insulates the lunchbox) and working with only the outer bag. I took my Making Memories Instant Setter and proceeded to punch holes all over the bag. The polka dotted pattern helped me keep the holes lined up. I think I punched around 100 or so holes. Holy cow this took some patience and creative placement of the bag. Thank goodness I decided to take the liner out...

Next, I took my ribbons and sorted them by color. I pulled the ends through the holes and voila:

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And I still had holes to spare... :)


Modern Princess said...

That is such a great (and cute!) idea. I'm totally digging it. So much better than the way I store my ribbon, which is all crumpled up in a box.

korkie said...

What a cool idea. I think I'm going to try this myself.

How do you store the ribbons inside the bag?? Did you have to roll the once taken off the spool?


Elena said...

Hi Korkie!

The ribbons are loosely rolled up inside the bag with one end poking out. They are all off their ribbon rolls though - LOTS of room in there! :) Have fun making yours! :)