Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Cute Exclusive Quickutz Dies!

It has been forever it seems since I have blogged about
new products and such... I wanted to blog about these
cute dies that Quickutz has come out with. They are
store exclusive - meaning only one store is selling
each of these. I have posted the ones I have searched
the internet for, their prices, and the stores they can
be found:

Quickutz Exclusive Store Dies:

This is probably my fave... I can see myself using
this heart for so many projects...

Pirate Ship - The Scrapping Cottage
$19.99 (2x2 Doublekutz)

I just think this is too neat! This would be great for
making invites for a boy's Pirate Themed party...

Seahorse - Scrappyland - 24.99 (Revolution)

This one would be great for beach pages, or for
cards. What a pretty seahorse!

Horse and Accessories - Remember When
$34.99 (Revolution Doublekutz)
This store also sells the Monkey Die

This is another one I just had to have... I don't have
a horse or anything, but I can so see using this on
some horseback riding layouts, or maybe doing a
horse in pink for a little girl's card...

I Love You - The Memory Zone
$19.99 (2x2 Doublekutz)

This is a cool one too. I wasn't sure if this was for the
Revolution, or the regular Quickutz, I assumed by the
price that it is a 2x2 die... If I am mistaken please let
me know... :)

These are all the ones I found. I emailed Quickutz
though and they do plan a full list of all the Exclusive
Store Dies and where to get them... I will keep
checking and keep you posted... :)