Monday, August 14, 2006

This Would Make a Great Layout...

Someone forwarded me this link and I had to laugh. I don't
know how this poor mom got all that peanut butter off this
kid... And the floor... And everything else! LOL

This would make a great layout wouldn't it? Hmmm...

What color cardstock goes with peanut butter? :)


Julie said...


Love the Blog girl!!

kelly (emmysmum) said...

stumbled upon your blog!
We are an AF family too- living in Germany.
Im thinking of becoming a memory works consultant- Wanna tell me about it?
Any way just wanted to say HI!

Elena said...

Hey Kelly! I would love to! :) If you stumble back upon my blog please leave me your email... :)


Thao said...

Oh my. That is a lot of PB. Better that it is creamy and not the crunchy variety.

stefani said...

Oh would you get that all cleaned up? I am sure you would find Peanut butter somewhere months down the road. LOL!